Courier Tracking System Component

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Post By: admin | 26-01-2012 06:35 Reply

Hello guys,

Is there any courier tracking system component for Joomla! to track customers, shipments, and services just like DHL and UPS does? From all the components, modules and plugins customizations available to Joomla! CMS, I've never seen any such extension. It would be a good idea to have sometime like that, to supplement other courier tracking services like DHL and UPS.

I would like to have a courier company and manage services and tracking online for customers, and would like to make use of Joomla! CMS for it.

Any ideas where I can find one for Joomla!, or if it can be developed and added to the Joomla! Extension Directory?

Thanks for your time.

Aaron Okievs.

Post By: | 09-20-2012 00:18

What electronic tagging system are you using ?

What software are you using to scan the parcels ?

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