Solution to blank white page on front end and administrator

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I have a problem with my Joomla website recently, I have been monitoring my website once a while and have not been updating it for more than a year. All of a sudden I get WHITE BLANK PAGE with no error reports on front end and back end. Simply BLANK!!!
It took me more than 24 hours to find possible solutions (links below) and none of them works:
1) ... rror-page/
2) ... -page.html
3) viewtopic.php?t=619953
7) list goes on and on and on and on………

Eventually, I found out something was wrong with one of my tables (image link below) in my database and nothing wrong with php as suggested solutions above.

I had to generate the error reporting by changing the configuration.php file in the root folder.

$error_reporting = ’0′;
$error_reporting = ’2048′;

(See step 2 in ... error.html )

Then I had log into my database via phpmyadmin to repair the corrupted table (image link below) . You can repair corrupted tables in phpmyadmin ( ... _mysql.htm).

After that I had to turn off (surpressed) the error reporting in configuration.php file. Otherwise a bunch of errors will appear on my website

Finish! My website back to normal.

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Hope that it solves your problem!! :)

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I was searching for this too!

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